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Curry Up 1 intro pack

four pack

Each one of our curries to #curryup

Four pack special deal! Try all of our varieties for a special price.

Host a dinner party and cook them all, each pack will serve 4-6 guests, costing around $20 per dish, feed over 20 people for approx. $80.

An affordable gift idea as a 4 pack or individually. Chuck in a pack of papadams, a jar of chutney, and maybe a roll of toilet paper because one never gets to old for a poo joke!


• dahl, darl?
• butter me up!
• rogue ‘n’ spice
• findaloo

Cooking/Serving suggestions

• Serve with rice and flatbread, roti, naan or papadams, guaranteed crowd pleaser.

• Indian side’s are inexpensive and add another layer of flavour to your banquet.

• Put the Bollywood music on your Spotify and have some fun!


Whichever way you go, just


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