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Mildly Rogue

We’ve listened to the needs of families

Not everyone loves that hot chilli flavour, so we’ve designed a lighter version of our rogue & spice which is perfect for a kid friendly family meal.

We’ve swapped out the chilli with paprika. (Chilli lovers, don’t worry, we’ve left the chilli in a separately sealed pack if you want to add it in to you serve!)

Inspired by the Kashmiri region, this curry isn’t a chilli laden curry but harbours an appealingly bold flavour.

By varying just a few ingredients this curry can be adapted to vegan, vegetarian, meat and pescatarian dishes.


Cooking/Serving suggestions

• Try this blend in your slow cooker, with cheap cuts of meat, chicken wings or legs for a fuss free slow cooked, cost effective crowd pleaser (and your house will smell amazing!)

• For those who don’t like it too spicy omit the whole chilli from the whole spice pack before cooking

• Veggie option suggestion – roast zucchini and sweet potato.

• Perfect with basmati rice, chutney, poppadoms, yoghurt, and dahl, darl? for a complete offtherayles experience.


Rayles tip:

My son’s favourite is Rogue chicken wings in the slow cooker, he says ‘Can you not put any veggies in please!’ I use 2kg chicken wingettes, place in slow cooker, make paste as per packet instructions, add to slow cooker, cook for 3 hours on slow (depending on slow cooker).


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