vegan stock paste


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vsp – vegan stock paste

made from real vegans

Like all of my products, this has humble beginnings, I have used it for years in all of my savoury dishes. Whenever a recipe calls for water, I use liquid stock instead to add another layer of taste and flavour; 1 tablespoon of VSP will make 500mls of liquid stock.

The jar of goodness contains 12 tablespoons so you will net 6 litres of liquid gold! I tend to use a tablespoon in the paste form in the early stages of cooking anything savoury after the onion garlic and ginger usually.

This is particularly great with my Dahl, Darl? I add a tablespoon of paste when adding the contents of the Dahl pack and stir it thru — obviously the earlier you are adding it, the more intense the flavour and you need a lesser amount.

Made from local veggies and herbs from my own garden, with a few choice (non-spicy) spices, together with flossy salt, this is a powerhouse of flavour. Salt is the natural preservative, so once opened and refrigerated, it will last a long time.

As usual, I am about saving time and feeding my loved-ones preservative-and-colour-free foods. No need to lug home litres of tasteless supermarket liquid stock, this is excellent value, a time-saver, and an absolute taste-and-flavour boost to your savoury dishes…


Cooking/Serving suggestions

• 1 tablespoon of VSP will make 500mls of liquid stock

• Great when using in my Dahl, Darl?!


Rayles tip:

Use this whenever you need stock in a recipe. Awesome as a flavour booster to anything like pasta, noodles, sauces, or even as a marinade!


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