rogue ‘n’ spice

Our Rogan Josh

Rogan meaning red colour Josh meaning passion or heat.

Inspired by the Kashmiri region, this curry isn’t a chilli laden curry but harbours an appealingly bold flavour.

By varying just a few ingredients this curry can be adapted to vegan, vegetarian, meat and pescatarian dishes.

dahl, darl?

Our Dahl

The humble Dahl, staple of India, due to its nourishment and its price, this ancient dish dating back some thousands of years has proven to stand the test of time.

In this blend we use split red lentils, why? Because of their cooking time and that they don’t require soaking prior to cooking.

butter me up!

Our Butter Chicken

Meaning prepared in butter (ghee)

Originating from Delhi but adopted and westernised by the British

Mild and sweet with a moreish flavour, this curry will have you licking the bowl clean.

Butter Chicken is generally peoples first introduction to Indian cuisine due to its mildness, but don’t let that discount this as an authentic curry, this blend contains 17 therapeutic whole and ground spices and deserves its place as a family staple.


Our Vindaloo (pronounced find-a-loo)

Hailing from Goa, this fiery and tangy blend will tingle the tongue, with pepper, clove and 15 other spices…

As my dealer once said to me (my spice dealer) ‘its not all about the chilli, its about the yin and yang of flavours’ from the sour of the tamarind to the sweetness of the sugar this dish finds a beautiful balance that will leave your sensations satisfied.


Rogan Josh inspired flavour.

rubitindia is a spice blend inspired by the famous Rogan Josh curry. Essentially a curry powder to be used to enhance any savoury dish you are cooking.
Awesome on slow-cooked meat. Simply coat your meat or veg of choice with ghee (or oil) and rubitindia, and slow cook away. I have tried it on brisket, pork belly ribs, lamb shanks and chicken wings… all finger licking good!
No liquid required as the meat and the slow cooker itself tends to make all the juice you need. I often throw in some whole garlic and some onion from the beginning (just to fill up the empty space).
Fantastic sprinkled over eggplant or veggie of choice and oven-baked, and delicious served with offtherayles Dahl Darl?, making an inexpensive nutritious meal.
We enjoy a little sprinkled over our scrambled eggs, a good spicy start to the day.