dahl, darl?

The humble Dahl, staple of India, due to its nourishment and its price, this ancient dish dating back some thousands of years has proven to stand the test of time.
difficulty: easy  •  spice: very mild  •  time: 20min


Hailing from Goa, this fiery and tangy blend will tingle the tongue, with pepper, clove and 15 other spices. Its not all about the chilli, its about the yin and yang of flavours…
difficulty: easy  •  spice: flamin’ hot  •  time: 30min

rogue ‘n’ spice

This is our most versatile curry. Inspired by the Kashmiri region, this curry isn’t a chilli laden curry but harbours an appealingly bold flavour.
difficulty: easy  •  spice: good hot  •  time: 30min

butter me up!

Originating from Delhi but adopted and westernised by the British. Mild and sweet with a moreish flavour, this curry will have you licking the bowl clean.
difficulty: easy  •  spice: mild  •  time: 30min